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    "A paramedic who flew to help victims of the New Zealand volcanic eruption said on Tuesday what he saw was a "shocking experience", likening the scene on White Island to the recent TV drama mini-series "Chernobyl"."

    "Victims of New Zealand's deadly volcanic eruption off White Island were covered in ash and appeared to have been badly burned, said a helicopter rescue pilot who flew them to hospital, as he recounted his experience on Tuesday."

    "Ask 'old people' for advice, world's oldest PM says to the youngest"

    "The founder of the defunct Daewoo Group, Kim Woo-choong, has died after watching the conglomerate he built into a symbol of South Korea's manufacturing prowess become one of its biggest corporate failures, crushed by debt."

    "December is always a month of suspense on Wall Street, as dealmakers, traders and money managers at big U.S. banks wait to find out how much they will receive in bonuses."

    "France's markets watchdog AMF said on Tuesday it has fined U.S bank Morgan Stanley 20 million euros ($22.04 million) for sovereign bonds manipulation."

    "Russia may be banned from the next two Olympics but the door is open for Russian participation at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games if athletes can meet the rigid criteria laid out by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)."

    "Hit by a projectile fired by Hong Kong police while covering an anti-government protest nearly two months ago, Indonesian journalist Veby Mega Indah was blinded in one eye, but that has not blotted out the traumatic flashbacks filling her mind."

    "Deutsche Bank pared back its revenue growth target on Tuesday, blaming rock-bottom interest rates for hurting its business in a downbeat presentation to investors."

    " has secured the rights to broadcast top European soccer Champions League matches for the 2021/22 season in Germany, the U.S. company's second biggest market, the DWDL media trade website reported on Tuesday."

    "The men promised a life abroad. They demanded - and got - tens of thousands of dollars in dowry. Then they left, abandoning their wives in India as they settled overseas. But now those wives are fighting back #TheWiderImage"

    "Ted Baker's chief executive and chairman quit on Tuesday as the British fashion retailer warned its full-year profit will fall more than expected and suspended its dividend due to weak Black Friday sales, sending its shares to a 16-year low."

    "The men promised a life abroad. They demanded - and got - tens of thousands of dollars in dowry. Then they left, abandoning their wives in India as they settled overseas. But now those wives are fighting back #TheWiderImage"

    "U.S. disruption of the global economic order reaches a major milestone on Tuesday as the World Trade Organization (WTO) loses its ability to intervene in trade wars, threatening the future of the Geneva-based body."

    "Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is hopeful of reaching an out-of-court settlement with Goldman Sachs over the 1MDB scandal soon, but that compensation of "one point something billion" dollars offered by the bank was too small."

    "French unions called on Tuesday for public workers to stage one of the biggest protests in decades, hoping to exceed the 800,000 people they brought into the streets last week in an uprising against President Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms."

    "Ask 'old people' for advice, Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad, the world’s oldest serving premier, says to the world’s youngest prime minister, Finland’s Sanna Marin"

    "An attacker shot dead four people and seriously injured two at a hospital in the northeastern Czech city of Ostrava on Tuesday, police said."

    "Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad, the world's oldest prime minister, promised on Tuesday to hand over power to anointed successor Anwar Ibrahim in spite of new sexual assault allegations against him."

    "Britain's economy grew at its slowest annual pace in nearly seven years in October, a weak backdrop to Thursday's national election, in which both leading parties are promising to boost growth."

    "The old image of bitcoin miners is of young techies in their bedrooms, hunched over laptops that solve maths puzzles to earn new coins. Now they're more likely to be savvy startups with ultra-high-speed chips and massive, power-guzzling machines."

    "The U.S. Treasury has imposed sanctions on a businessman and a senior government official with close links to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, accusing them of corruption."

    "From a denim plant in rural Georgia to a St. Paul, Minneapolis loudspeaker maker, nagging uncertainty over when President Donald Trump's trade wars might end, if ever, is confounding many U.S. manufacturers."

    "After 14 conferences, a couple dozen research papers and presentations and some very dense math, the Federal Reserve's hunt for a better way to reach its inflation target may boil down to a single word: symmetric."

    "A massive fire at an Edson car dealership has left dozens of employees out of work right before the holidays, Strathcona County council will learn the results of an independent review into an explosion in its community centre parkade last year and more: Stacey has all of your morning headlines."

    "Needham and Co was the fourth Wall Street brokerage in two months to cut its rating for Netflix Inc on Tuesday, arguing competition from new streaming services could lead to the loss of 4 million premium U.S. subscribers next year."

    "The Swiss central bank could be required to pull its $800 billion balance sheet out of investments in fossil fuel companies in a move by one of the world's biggest reserve banks to tackle climate change."

    "Lloyds Banking Group has been criticized for mishandling a compensation scheme for victims of one of Britain's biggest banking scandals in a report published on Tuesday."

    "Finland's parliament approved the nomination on Tuesday of 34-year-old Social Democrat Sanna Marin as the world's youngest serving prime minister."

    "The European Commission plans a carbon border tax aimed at shielding European steel producers and other energy-intensive industries against cheaper imports from countries with less strict climate policies."

    "WATCH: Premier Jason Kenney will meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa today. Nahreman Issa has the details on what will be the first meeting since the federal election."

    "U.S. stock index futures slipped on Tuesday as investors stayed on the sidelines ahead of a looming U.S. tariff deadline on Chinese goods that could possibly derail any progress made in trade talks between the world's top two economies."

    "Jodie Whittaker made history when she took the controls of the time-traveling Tardis as the first female lead in the sci-fi series "Doctor Who"."

    "U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold a news conference on Tuesday to discuss the U.S. Mexico Canada (USMCA) trade deal as U.S. and Canadian officials prepared to fly to Mexico City to work on final changes to the agreement."

    "A nine-year-old Belgian boy who was on track to become the world's youngest university graduate has terminated his studies at the Dutch university of Eindhoven following a dispute over his possible graduation date."

    "Canada, Mexico and the United States have reached an agreement on a new North American free trade deal and they will sign it on Tuesday, but the pact still needs the approval of U.S. and Canadian lawmakers, Mexico's president said."

    "Chile's Air Force on Tuesday said one of its cargo planes had crashed with 38 people on board after going missing in an isolated area between South America and the Antarctic, with the chance of finding survivors looking "difficult"."

    "UAE hackers lured in FIFA personnel with photos of attractive female soccer fans, aiming to steal damaging information about rival Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid. The operation was planned by an American ex-NSA analyst."

    "A national park in the Netherlands is making an unusual offer to visitors this holiday season: come and chop down your own Christmas tree - for free."

    "The world's richest nations are failing to "behave like adults" and act firmly enough to meet global warming targets set in the Paris climate accord, former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday."

    "Tourists caught in the deadly blast at New Zealand's White Island were there despite a recent increase in volcanic activity, although experts said precise predictions on eruptions were all but impossible."

    "U.S. House Democrats on Tuesday claimed victory in negotiating changes to a U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement to ensure better protection for workers, the environment and remove key provisions that they said would have benefited big pharmaceutical companies."

    "Growth of U.S. labor costs was not as robust as initially thought in the third quarter, suggesting inflation could remain tame in the near term."

    "The world’s oldest prime minister has some advice for the world’s youngest, who is 60 years his junior."

    "Ryanair may not receive any 737 Max aircraft from Boeing by next summer over European delays in testing the grounded jets, Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said, estimating the issue is costing it at least 100 million euros a year."

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